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As an Independent Pharmacy, how can I create "Stickiness" with my customers?
As an Independent Pharmacy, how can I create

I wanted to share a few cool and creative ways some of our independent pharmacy accounts have created a truly unique store experience for the patients that they serve:

I love this idea! (pictured above) Many pharmacies are trying to return their image to the "old corner drug store" and take their customers on a trip back in time to the 1950's when soda fountains and malt shops where a common occurrence at the neighborhood drug store. Who wouldn't like to enjoy an old fashioned banana split while they wait on their prescriptions to be filled?

Rifles, Ammo, and Knives

               ... IN A PHARMACY?

When I walked into this customer for the first time, I took a double take.  But then, as I looked at the amount of folks in there browsing the selection of hunting and fishing merchandise - it hit me. This customer is a genius! Sure, they had the normal gift store offerings as well that most pharmacies offer, but they created a "Cabelas" type experience to help differentiate their store from their competitors. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and live in their area, I can bet this is where you go to get your prescriptions filled.

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