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They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Introducing Bio Pants! The latest lymphedema innovation
They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Introducing Bio Pants! The latest lymphedema innovation

I know it doesn't exactly match my navy blazer, but I still decided to put on the latest lymphedema product at our recent Wipeout Wounds event in Fort Lauderdale this week. This product comes from my good friends at Bio Compression Systems, and specifically addresses not only the lower extremities, but also the difficult to treat areas of the groin, buttocks and abdomen for patients suffering from lymphedema. This 8 chamber all-in-one pant offers a unique design covering the entire lower body. This garment is designed to redirect tissue fluid movement from the foot all the way to the auxiliary nodes and thoracic duct for drainage while creating new channels. Sizing is not a problem for this garment, each patient is custom fitted to insure an ideal treatment is delivered each and every time. With two front zippers and easy to use pull-up straps, this garment is simple to don and doff for every single patient. The Bio Pants provide the best possible solution for the most difficult conditions. This garment is an accessory to an 8 chamber device.

Bio Compression Systems is a great family owned company based out of New Jersey. They manufacturer all of their products in the USA at their own facility (which I love!), offer the best warranties in the industry, and are number 1 in compression therapy in the HME/DME market.

Click Here for product information and pricing on Bio Pants

Click Here to take a virtual tour of the New Jersey Bio Compression manufacturing facility



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